The next pages show ca. 250 old picturepostcards and photo's which hopefully will give you an idea of what the towns looked like in the first 30 years of the 20th century. On the one side the collection is composed of postcards and pictures from the private files of our companion Andries Dijkstra, on the other side they comefrom the database of the Fries Fotoarchief of Tresoar. With regard to the latter we are much obliged to Tresoar for the willing permission they granted us to publish a selection of their collection on our website. Also the municipality of Ferwerderadeel should be mentioned for putting the postcards and photo's available to Tresoar in the first place.

If you will take some time and trouble to study and compare the images in conjunction with the map of the particular town, you may find out that you'll know your way around the town fairly well at the end.

Andries Dijkstra :

fen Fryske groun

Fries Fotoarchief - Tresoar :

Blija - Hogebeintum
Marrum - Westernijkerk