In translating the life story of my father from the holland to the english language, I wish to apologize, not for the english language, but rather for my inability to do justice to this treatise as a translator.
While rearranging and adjusting the holland phrases and sentences, in many cases a much more flowery english could be used, but primarily we have tried to re-write this as near to the original as possible, so that the reader may catch a glimpse of the character as well as the story of the writer.

May I further use this opportunity to express my appreciation, and at the same time thank Almighty God for our father. I know I express the thoughts of all the children when I say that in addition to being an unusually good father, he is a good American citizen and a fine Christian gentleman. May it please the Lord to spare him for us for many years, and may the evening of his life be blessed and happy in his Redeemer, the Lord Jesus Christ.

This is our prayer.

October, 1949


Hendrik (Henry) Poppes Kroes

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