Heritage Hall

In 1976 the assignment was given to students of Eastern Christian Junior High School in Paterson, New Jersey to write short ancestral biographies. This resulted in a book entitled “Footprints” which also contains a number of biographies on ancestors from Ferwerderadeel.

A copy of this book is archived at the Heritage Hall of Calvin College Archives - Grand Rapids, Michigan and they were so kind to send copies of the articles on the ancestors from Ferwerderadeel, at the same time granting permission to publish these biographies on the website.

It concerns the following persons:

 American name  Frisian name
 n.a.  Andries Pieters Reitsma
 Garret Link  Gerrit Pieters Link 
 Harry Lamring  Roelof Klazes Lamring
 Herman Hamstra  Harmen Jans Hamstra
 Lambert Steen  Lammert Jans Steen
 Nellie Vander Weit  Pietje Abes van der Weit
 William Abe Vander Weit  Wytse Abes van der Weit
 Richard Zuidema  Dirk Willems Zuidema