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Bauke Jousma

Early 19th century two brothers from Molbergen, Germany arrived in Hallum for reason of seasonal work: Otte and Joseph Tiken. After the season was over they decided to settle in Hallum rather than returning to Germany. And so it happened that in 1834 Otte married to Trijntje Dirks Tuinstra (a.k.a. Tuinsma), since February 1832 widow of Hendrik Geerts Smeding. At the time of the wedding they already had three children, one of them being a daughter by the name of Marijke who was born on September 6, 1832.

In 1823 another German citizen came to Hallum: Engelbertus Thiessen, son of Hermann Thiesling & Harmina Koks who lived at Zwillbrock, municipality of Vreden, Prussia. Apparently Engelbertus didn't live the easy way of life: on New Year's Eve of 1827 he mistreated Wypkje Hiddes Folkertsma and insulted the local constable. Due to this misbehaviour he ended up in jail for five weeks whereas he also had to pay a fine of dfl. 8,--
Late in the evening of August 2, 1829 Engelbertus got himself into trouble again. This time he had maltreated Rinse Rinses Posthuma to such an extent that he was sentenced to six months of imprisonment and another dfl. 8,-- fine.

One day he met Marijke Ottes Tiken, daughter of Otte Tiken & Trijntje Dirks Tuinstra and the two married on September 6, 1832 (at which time Marijke was about to give birth to twin daughters). The marriage had been announced on August 12 and 19 by means of a notification nailed to the frontdoor of the townhall. As usual both the bride as the groom had to present a copy of their birthcertificate but for Engelbertus that was easier said than done. For unknown reasons the authorities in Prussia refused to issue a copy of his birthcertificate as a consequence of which his parents had to travel to Eibergen in order to certify under oath to notary Gerrit ter Braak that indeed Engelbertus Thiesling was their legitimate son. Since his parents could not make it to the wedding in person they granted written permission for the marriage. A few days after the marriage the twin daughters Mina and Trijntje were born but happiness didn't last long: the girls died with 11 resp. 15 days.

In 1834 Otte Tiken and Trijntje Tuinstra finally decided to marry. One of the witnesses was Engelbertus, son-in-law of the bride!

Engelbertus Thiessen and Marijke Ottes Tiken had 9 more children, one of them being a stillborn child whereas two other children died an infant. Marijke passed away on February 18, 1874 at the age of 63 years. Engelbertus had gone long before that: he had died on April 20, 1851 at Franeker being 50 years old. In the death certificate he is noted as Egbertus Tijsseling and his death was reported to the local authorities by a "medicin doctor" and .... a guard.

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