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Fryske Akademy, Leeuwarden

At the time that the Netherlands were occupied by the French (1795 - 1813) laws, rules and regulations of France were introduced. One of the consequences was the registration of a familyname (vide: Surnames 1811), another one was the implementation of a new, uniform system for land-tax. As per Napoleon's decree dated October 21, 1811 the land registry was started in accordance with French standards. During this French period 23 of a total of 108 cadastral municipalities in Friesland were surveyed. After the French Empire was overthrown no work was done untill 1820 in which year the surveys of 1812 - 1813 were optimized. During 1821 - 1824 the northern and northeastern part of Friesland was surveyed, a.o. the grietenij (municipality) of Ferwerderadeel. All in all it lasted till 1832 before the surveys and land registry in the Netherlands was finished.

The cadastral registration of 1832 contains a wealth of information that can be used for various studies such as research on the history of cities, towns and hamlets, the history of houses and other buildings, the history of farms and farming, of ownership of land, social environments based on property, research of genealogy, etc. etc. It is for this reason that the Fryske Akademy in Leeuwarden decided to collect all information and publish cadastral maps of each municipality in Friesland. In 2001 the Akademy published part 14: the municipality of Ferwerderadeel.

The following pages show detailed maps of the towns of Ferwerderadeel back in 1832 including a.o. the location of houses and the names of the owners. Quite a lot of these houses are still there today. For good orders sake it is emphasized that the Fryske Akademy is the one and only copyright © holder of the contents on these pages. A portfolio including 57 maps and two booklets with much more information can be ordered at the Akademy (the website has an English version) quoting "Kadastrale en pre-kadastrale atlas fan Fryslan 1640 - 1832, diel 14 - Ferwerderadiel".

Many thanks and much obliged to the Fryske Akademy for their generous permission to publish the following maps and overviews:

 Oude Leije