We’d like to emphasize that all credit for this section goes to Heritage Hall, Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We merely sent them a list of more than 600 families and individuals who emigrated from Ferwerderadeel to the USA. Dr. Richard Harms, curator of Heritage Hall, and his staff checked all of them and managed to come up with abt. 350 obituaries which they scanned and sent back. Obviously we are most grateful to Heritage Hall for all the time and trouble they have gone through in order to make this section possible.

Except from one, the obituaries were all published in two periodicals: “De Wachter” (in Dutch) and “The Banner” (in English), both official publications of the Christian Reformed Church. Some obituaries were published in both periodicals. Please note that we did not translate them but feel free to get in touch if you’d like a translation of a particular one. That will be no problem. 

The assumed original names of the deceased are linked to the relevant names in the database. Although this was done based on our own conclusions we feel that these links are correct. If you happen to have any additional information of relatives mentioned in the obituaries we would appreciate it if you’d be so kind to share it with other visitors to the website. Thank you very much in advance.